[Amy’s Super Life] GUI

So… erm… today is Saturday, so it’s time for updating ; w ;. At least I kept my promise to update this blog this time ;____; I want the updates will go smoothly and no more long delay anymore TT_TT

Here are two screenshots of the GUI which was done by Lunaria (Kanon – Shalambay Shift subteam’s leader).

Some more news: We’re still working on the sprites >_<. We are having some problems with sprites’ sizes lately, but I think we’ll handle them soon :p

Updating this blog again

It’s been a long time without any updates ; __ ; . I’m really sorry for the delay, our members have been very busy with school work. But anyway, I think it’s time to update some news:
1. Mia (Letheria) is going to have a tablet, which means she’s going to work harder in art with Lunaria ;). So you don’t have to worry much about the art, beside, after a long time no updating, I think we have improved somehow XD.
2. Our team is working on Princess of the Death, Mia (Letheria) will take care of the script for now until Brianna has time to take care of it, and Miyuki (Minerva) is still taking care of the backgrounds as always ^w^.

3.  Two of our members – Yuki and Bianca (Alvella) is having some problems, so they won’t be active much. That means Mia (Letheria) and Kanon (Lunaria) will have to carry more work for the art 😦 (and music, too, if we can ; w 😉

4. We have finished Justin’s route and checked it out a few times, although I think we’ll still polish it more before releasing the game ;3.

5. We’re working on the concept for Jade’s route and Ryan’s route, stay tuned to see the mysterious Ryan >w<.

I guess that’s all for today. From now on, I’ll update the news every Saturday (GMT+7), please support us ; w ;

Loren Montague (COLORED)

Amy’s Friend

Name : Loren Montague

Age: 15

She is Amy’s best/ only friend. She loves anime and school work, making her an outcast just like Amy. She hates Amy’s brother for being mean to Amy and being perverted towards her.

Looks: (artist gets to choose)

Quote: “Get away from me, pervert!”

Finished Loren’s sprite. Concept art by Sako. Lineart and coloring by Mia.

[Amy’s Super Life] Justin – Finished sketch (almost)

It’s so difficult to get on WordPress TT_TT (why does my country have to block this???!!! >”<)

Anyway, here’s the sketch for the last boy: Justin (he’s supposed to be the first boy, but then I think I should remake =_=. Because Bianca is quite busy so I’m in charge this sprite, I said “almost” in the title because I don’t know if he looks ok, I’m worry =_=, I rarely practice drawing boys, so… TT_TT).

Got inspired and reference from the amazing Michiyo (CiAra Studio) .
Because the internet here is very very very very very terrible so I can’t post the sketch. If you want to see it, please follow this


Concept art: 100%

Sketch: 100%

Lineart: 0%

Polish/Fix lineart: 0%

Color: 0%

Polish/Fix coloring: 0%

[Amy’s Super Life] Ryan

Ok, here’s the sketch for Ryan (his clothes will change).

Bianca sketched all the boys, but because she’s too busy these days (and I guess she won’t have much free time until the release day so I will take care of making the lineart and coloring the guys _ ___”’)


Concept art: 100%

Sketch: 100%

Lineart: 0%

Polish/fix lineart: 0%

Color: 0%

Polish/fix coloring: 0%